2018-2020 > Janus Series

Janus Series is a series of five screen-printed diptychs that focus on the interior scenes within Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo. In the peepshow, these images are hand-colored in vibrant watercolor, back-to-back and placed each behind another to create a tunnel-book and double-sided peepshow. Here, each pair of scenes are displayed side-by-side, as mirror images, each with their own title and narrative. From a distance, the diptychs appear as pairs of eyes, grotesque and evoking the empty eye-sockets of a precious, adorned skull. Printed simply in metallic gold with cyan blue line work, they change in shifting light and permit viewers to study the details and further read the narratives, many of which are obscured by other figures in Fata Morgana/Mondo Nuovo.